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About Helpful Handyman

Welcome. My name is Bruce Preston, owner of Helpful Handyman.

Thank you for your interest in Helpful Handyman. In the fall of 2006, after working for a major telephone company for 26 years, I was offered a chance to do something fulfilling and challenging. An opportunity arose to grow, take a chance in life and live on the edge. I decided to leave the telephone company and start Helpful Handyman.

I have always enjoyed working with tools and being able to see a project finished and well done. I have helped friends with their home improvement projects as well as doing many of my own. I find home improvement projects rewarding right from the design through to the completion of the project.

I am enjoying the challenges and changes, as I work to improve and grow the business. We have systems in place to help ensure that the customer receives the best service that we can offer from the first phone call or email through to completion of your home improvement project. I know that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Please look over the rest or our site and let us know if we can help you with any of your home improvement projects.