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What To Expect

What To Expect


Helpful Handyman can take many of those home improvements projects off your “to do list” and put them on ours. Free yourself to enjoy your weekends or evenings and let us take care of those projects that you have been putting off doing yourself; or maybe there is a bigger project that is beyond your scope.

Contact us and get it done.

Some of the Home Improvement projects we provide:

Bathroom Renovations: Tub replacement, Sink and tap replacement, Tile work, Complete bathroom renovation

Decks: Stairway replacement, Railing replacement, Post upgrade, Complete Renovation or New Construction, Pagodas

Tile Work: Bathroom floors, Tub or shower area, Fireplace facings, Kitchen floors, Hallway, Backsplashes

Interior Wood Trim: Baseboard, Window sill and trim, Door casing, Wainscoting, Decorative columns

Door replacement: Interior man doors, Closet doors, French doors, Exterior doors

Kitchen: Sink and faucet replacement, Tile backsplash, Dishwasher installation, Exhaust fan supply and install, Drywall Repairs

Flooring: Laminate flooring, Tile flooring, Small areas of hardwood

Ceilings: Drywall repairs and texture, Install tongue & grove cedar or pine

Fence repairs: Post replacement, Panel repair or replacement

Electrical: Fixture replacement, Minor changes

Walls: Move or build interior non load bearing walls


This list is not exhaustive, so even if your project was not listed here please contact us. We may be able to help you or refer you to someone who can.

What To Expect

What To Expect

What To Expect


From your first email or phone call to Helpful Handyman, through to completion of the project and beyond, we seek to build a working relationship with you and meet you expectations.

Some of the ways we endeavor to meet your expectations are with systems that allow us to provide a timely accurate written quote, keep track of your projects progress, keep accurate contact info, and be able to provide you an invoice for exactly the services you received.

  • When you first contact helpful Handyman for a quote, you will be asked for your contact info, the address where the work is being done and an email address we can email the quote to. We will arrange a time to look at the project and hopefully meet you at that time
  • After we have the information about your project from the site visit, we will work out an overall price based on the time and material involved in each phase of the work. Using a spread sheet, all the costs are added up and that file is then used to make up a Quote or Contract  that is emailed to you. After you accept the quote we arrange to get a signed copy of the contract and we schedule a time to get the work completed.
  • During the work process on site we endeavor to keep the site as clean as is practical and to disturb your home as little as possible.
  • Payment for small projects is expected on completion of the work.
  • For large projects a partial payment may be expected part way through the project.
  • An invoice will usually be emailed to you when the project is completed and any remaining balance is due at that time.

We hope that your introduction to Helpful Handyman will be so rewarding that you will want to share it with others. Thanks in advance for any referrals!

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Our Goal At Helpful Handyman


The overall goal at Helpful Handyman is to grow and develop the business while maintaining an approach of honesty and integrity in all we do.

Customer satisfaction is utmost to growing the business. We endeavor to find out the customer’s expectations, work through those expectations and come up with a plan that best meets the customer’s needs. We then turn that plan into reality.

Developing the business is an important and ongoing part of the goal. As we work to improve the office processes and streamline the flow of customer projects from start to finish we also of course are looking for better ways to get the work done at the customer site. This is an ongoing process of learning and developing.

Maintaining honesty and integrity in the process of meeting our goals is our overall guide when making those everyday choices that come up. Above all that must be maintained.

Please look at the rest of our site and thank you for visiting Helpful Handyman.

What will it cost?


We prefer on most projects such as a deck or bathroom renovation, to give the customer a total price on a written quote. This usually involves a short visit to the see what you need done and then we will get back to you with a quote.

This provides the customer with peace of mind, knowing what the total invoice will be in advance of the work being done. On some projects there may be unknown factors that arise, such as a rotten floor under old tile, but the rest of the project can be accounted for in advance.

If you have a few different projects, such as assembly of IKEA type furniture or hanging pictures and adjusting a door lock and such, please contact us and we can give you an idea what that will cost. This type of work can be done on an hourly basis.

For payment we accept cheque or cash.  Coming soon via PayPal.

Please look at the rest of our site.

Thank you for visiting Helpful Handyman.

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